Halloween Fun for Everyone

When it comes to Halloween, Los Angeles knows how to have a spooktacular time. Whether you’re hosting a night of mischief and mayhem in your beautiful  home, seeking a scary thrill, or taking your little goblins out for sweet treats, it’s always a night to remember. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to start your holiday season off with a bang!

For the Haunted Hostess:

Inviting your coven over for a couple of batches of witches brew? Here is a quick  DIY to turn your home into a hovel.
Floating Candles


-You will need a collection of toilet paper and paper towel rolls, white paint, LED candles, a hot glue gun, and clear twine/string.

  1. Paint rolls white, and let dry. Varying lengths is great; do as many or as few as you please.
  2. Glue in LED candles, (light facing out) towards the top of your roll. Let dry.
  3. String, and hang randomly from ceiling.

-TIP: If you want to get really fancy, buy actual white candles and drip wax onto you faux candles before hanging.

For the Fearless:

The Beverly Hills Witch House (516 Walden Drive) was built in the 1920’s by the Wallat Studios for various silent films, one of them including the well-known Hansel and Gretel. The house was relocated to its present location by producer Ward Lucelle, after threat of demolition.  This mysterious masterpiece features a moat with a wooden bridge, twisted trees, a witch hat shaped roof, and many more perfectly placed and creepy details that really bring this storybook home to life. This little house of horror is sure to send a chill down your spine.

(LA times did an awesome feature on this house. Click on the photo to take a look inside)

Fun for Everyone:

The Brentwood Glen Alphabet streets (between Church and Beloit) are a great place to take your little goblins trick-or-treating. This area has tons community participation, a few homes even host kid-friendly haunted houses. Most properties in this community are within close proximity of each other and combined with the low traffic, create an ideal trick-or-treat destination.

The Venice Canals (Dell and South Venice Boulevard) is a beautiful neighborhood anytime of the year. However, the holidays are always extra special. This traffic-free area is always wonderfully decorated, you may even spot a few boats dressed for the occasion. This is a great trick-or-treating destination for any age; however, parking can be tricky, so arrive early!

(Click on the photo to find out how the canals came to Los Angeles)
(Click on the photo to find out how the canals came to Los Angeles)

Halloween is a time for fantasy and make-believe, but staying safe is a very real thing! Make sure your little goblins are prepared for a night of fun by:

-Adding reflective tape to costumes. Not only will it take your costume to the next level, it keeps you visible to drivers no matter how dark it gets outside. This can be found for as little as five dollars.

-Choose face paint over masks whenever possible. Masks can hinder your child’s vision.

-Teach children to make eye contact with drivers before crossing the street.

-Never cross the street between parked cars, always use a crosswalk.

Most importantly, put your device down and live in the moment! Creating memories with your family and friends that will last a life time is the best treat of all.